Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Richfield Bloomington Credit Union - Putting Their Best Foot Forward

Flabergasted, that was my  initial reaction as I made my deposit yesterday at the Richfield branch.  I needed to get a deposit into my account to pay the rent.  Part of the deposit was coins.  When I got to the credit union the coin machine was down, so I went up to the teller with my deposit including coins in hand.  I asked the teller if he had a coin machine in the back.  The response was no.  I asked what the next option was.  He said he would count it, but if it were more coins I would have to go to another one of the branches.  I was very surprised that the bank would tell me to use gas, a costly measure, to deposit legal  cash to my account at a different location.   At that point, another more experienced teller stepped in and said that the option would be to either leave the coins or go to another branch.  That made more sense to me.  My question is where is the customer service in this situation? 

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