Saturday, December 8, 2007

Today's Music

Ever eaten food that fell to the ground and wasn't completely rinsed off? Ever feel the grit of sand or gravel between your bare feet? This is how I would describe today's music. With all the electronic cadgets that serve as backdrop for the songs, it leaves a din that subtracts from the quality of the number.

Secondly, it seems that music is going back to the dark ages where they sang acapella in chants. Where is the musical variety? So much of the music is so monotone today.

I went to a concert last night that I would describe as contemporary and on the edge. Thankfully it was an orchestra playing, so the auditorium wasn't filled with all the clutter that electronic background leaves in its wake. The performers did an outstanding job with the music, but the music didn't have much variety and was difficult to hear the lyrics. It was this concert that encouraged me to write this blog. How else was I going to let my opinion be known without offending someone.

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