Wednesday, August 8, 2007

An Immigrants Tale Review

I would like to give you a review of Roger Hellesvigs program entitled AN IMMIGRANTS TALE. I saw his performance last winter at an arena in Watertown, SD and wish to give you my opinion of his presentation.

First of all, I am a grandson of four people who came from Norway and Sweden. I have in my possession many things that made the journey across the ocean with them, and have heard many stories about the trials and tribulations endured by these strong people in their pursuit to gain a new home and life in this country.

Roger Hellesvig did such a good job of portraying this immigrant he portrays, that a person would never doubt but what he was the actual person who made the journey. His trunk, his portrayal of the contents and how he acquired them, the order of importance that each item was meant for, the limited amount of space in his trunk for only the most essential items, and his story of preparing for and also his arrival in America: all are so well done and so factural, it leaves no doubt in my mind that this is a valuable presentation to anyone interested in the past and how it came to be. He certainly teaches his audience that to appreciate the future, we must first know and appreciate the past and where we all came from. I would recommend this to any group, class, organization or gathering of any kind concerning the preservation of our past history. He has a most excellent program.

Review written by Norman A Shelsta, Ortonville, MN

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